Chic Dress Designs for Parties

When it comes to weddings and gatherings, Pakistani women prefer new tints and styles beyond limits. Admiring the latest trends, they know what ladies dress design to opt for when a party is near. Their diverse thoughts gathered together help them to pick out a chic and drool worthy dress, which is one of the best. Due to the advancement of social media and the internet, it is very easy to investigate when it comes to the latest trends and fashion. Decide what to wear according to the latest fashion trends.

A lot of different Pakistani designers and stores have propelled their luxury collection, party dresses, formal and semi formal dresses, which helps us a lot when it comes to choosing what to wear at a party. Here are a few of the designer and non-designer ladies dress designs to choose from, for your next party, or hi-tea with the girls. Grasping these ideas would give them the opportunity to come up with a brilliant attire, incorporating their own choices.

Dress Design Designer Dress

The Pakistan fashion industry is flourishing by the day, step by step. Although there is a long way to go, they are very quick when it comes to fashion and style. Different brands have come up with alluring and rich designs of clothes at their boutiques and shops. The brands come up with designs in every size and every cut, to fit the ordinary house wife with a pear shaped body, and a a working woman who has an active and toned body. So one never worries about the sizes, because there is a huge range to choose from.

There is a wide range of ladies dress designs out there. it is very simple for them to get the kind of outfit they desire, without even dripping a sweat. Since there is so much of variety, one can never run out of something new to wear every time. There is an immense variety of designs, prints and colors, which can help them feature a style of their own. In addition to complementing their favorite highlights, and hiding the ones that they are not too fond of.

Starting from the mid blowing wedding dresses to the ever casual and chic party dresses, there is a considerable amount that has increased prominently in the country. Making the particular fame angle of each dress prominent, ladies discover new designs that are alluring and chic everyday.

Ladies Dresses Designs and Styles


Red is the color of elegance. Probably whoever came out with this phrase was right, that whenever you are in doubt, wear red. Such party outfits are easily accessible in the market and you do not necessarily need to go to a designer to get such kind of an outfit made. Designed by numerous elite designers and experts, this dress design is the trend of the century for every event and party. Those who love bold colors, would happily wear an outfit that is all red. In case you think it is too much, change the color of the pants to anything contrasting like green or black.

Black and Gold

Black and Gold is the color that is loved by many since several decades. It is the most loved color combination when it comes to the ladies dress designs. This black and gold themed dress is designed specifically to inspire the ladies of today. This outfit is perfect for a spring night time occasion, maybe a dinner party or somebody’s formal event. But, avoid wearing this shade during the day time because you do not want the sun to soak into your clothes.

Subtle Shades

Subtle and pastel shades like baby pink, light blue, and beige are perfect for the summer. These shades are also worn very commonly by most girls these days, for it looks ethereal and classy. Obviously living in Pakistan, it is super warm and sunny during the summers, so such shades can be perfect. They do not soak the heat like the color black. Many designers have come up with pastel colors this season in most of their designs, for it is the most wanted these days.

Prints and Colors

If you want to go with something daring and courageous, wear prints and colors. For instance pair a multicolored shirt, or maybe a single color shirt with black and white printed pants. That makes and outfit stand out. on top of that the black and white shade of the pants enhances the color of the shirt. It can also be done the other way round. Meaning colored pants with a black and white shirt. Sometimes many women do not like a lot of prints on their shirts, especially if it is checks and lines which is usually the print in black and white clothes. In that case you can wear a plain black or white shirt with colored pants. Believe it or not, this fashion frenzy design would make you the show stopper of the party.

Floral Designs

Surely everybody loves flowers. After all they are the most loved thing by nature. A floral printed or floral mosaic type shirt is the perfect attire for parties. This kind of a dress design inspires many for its uniqueness. Anyone who wants to look like the lady of the century would go with such a design or print.


The classical and oldest design idea is embroidery. If you cannot decide anything, just close your eyes and get an embroidered outfit, because one can never go wrong with that.

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