Dress Design for Ladies- Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz, a well known fashion designer of Pakistan. She is known for her gorgeous Pakistani dress designs, which include formal wear, pret collection and even night suits. yes, you heard that right, she has a range of sleep wears as well. We would discuss that as you read further, so do not switch the tab! Her work depicts, effeminate opulence, feminism and a touch of class. The outfits revolve around embroidery that is creative and motifs that give the clothing its charm.

The fabrics that are chosen for her clothing line are top notch. The woven designs comprise of jacquard, along with lawn which gives an additional element to the clothes. Especially the lawn suits. Complementing the clothes further with three dimensional embroidery, thread work, and cuts made up of organza. Surely these descriptions make us eager to look at her collection and maybe even buy a few right away.

We were not really kidding about the sleep wear!

Ladies Dresses Design

The philosophy behind her clothing line is magnificent. Unique designs that depict femininity, draped in cloth made by expert artisans. While keeping in mind the maintenance of elegance and sophistication. Her audience too believes in stunning and intricate designs, cherishing legacies since decades. Hence they choose to wear her outfits formally and casually.

The lawn collection by Farah is availabe nationwide in stores, for women to easily go and buy them. Celebrating different occasions in her collections, here are a few of them that you will love!

Luxe Pret

The luxe pret collection consists of soft and subtle colors that are perfect for the summers. Day events and even evening events out in the Sun. These pastel shades of pink, blues and lilac make it an essential outfit for the hot scorching weather of our country. A variety of collection has been launched. In order to make your summer and spring festivities special, making you the center of attraction at events.

The collection is long lasting, which means the designs are timeless. They would probably last you for years, and the money spent on the outfits would be worth it. Making you stand out among the crowds, you can wear these ladies dresses design at social gatherings, like Eid lunches, brunches and much more.

The designs are traditional, consisting of pants and trousers, which give a modern touch. She has pants that incorporate block prints, which makes her one of the few who have gotten out of the tulip shalwar, and flared pant trends. Statement earrings, and accessorizing would make these outfits shine out even more.


These separates are perfect for the modern day girl, who wants to play with colors and always try out something new. These can be worn to office brunches, when you are hanging out with your girls, kitty parties and much more. Maybe even wear them to evening hi-teas. The benefit of getting these is that you can pair it with anything. You can either pair these printed floral shirts with the same kind of pants as the designer, or maybe try out something new. After all, we all have a fashion designer hidden beneath us somewhere. Wearing it with jeans or leggings would give it a semi formal, or casual look! That might work very well for your day events!


Farah Talib Aziz’s collection has a touch of class and chicness like never before. Her modern pieces of silk clothing depict the fact that colors make a women look classy. Modern prints and styles, which are a must have. Also, everyone in this world loves silk clothing! They are so soft and easily manageable that you cannot miss buying one! Just like the lawn and summer fabrics, silk is cool and perfect for the weather.

Wedding/Bridal Wear

If there is any such thing like a fairy tale wedding, then a bride can definitely feel like one wearing a Farah Talib Aziz bridal outfit. The intricate designs and colors make the outfits what they are! They depict personality, class and style. Women who choose to wear her outfits are probably the lucky few! Well, considering the country’s economy, not everyone prefers buying such expensive clothing, which is obviously worth the money. Oh well, keeping the economical problems of the world aside, her bridal wear is worth dying for! Not literally, figuratively. Here are a few dresses designs images that you can take inspiration for, for your next wedding events! Be it a nikkah, mehendi, or valima, there is an outfit too choose for every function.

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