Dress Design Ideas: What to Wear to a Brunch?

Brunches are very popular these days in the big cities of Pakistan. It is an opportunity for women and men to relax and spend some quality time with their friends and families. And coming up with the perfect dress design ideas can be a bit of a conundrum for many. Generally most people prefer wearing something casual for a brunch but when the event calls for something formal, the combination needs to be perfect. It should be exactly what the event is asking for. So what should you be wearing to a brunch? What shoes should you be wearing to a brunch?

Whether it is a brunch with your girlfriends over paratha and halwa, or a brunch date with a freshly baked croissant, putting together the perfect chic outfit makes it just a little more tasty. Bold prints, and floral prints during the day time with heels, and accessories that you cannot get your eyes off. they are all a part of the list. With everything that is required for you to look stylish and chic at the event.

Brunching under the Sun

Since the weather in Pakistan is usually warmer, one of the most loved activities by many is sitting outside during noon and having brunch. Be it just a cafe to save the cooking time or somebody’s lawn, they all are equally fun to be a part of. Although deciding what to wear can be a very tough thing, it depends mainly on the people or person you are having the brunch with. If it is a gathering with your old pals, prefer wearing something that is cool and comfortable. But… If you are eating with your in laws, you really need to look your best. sophisticated and polished. After all, you do not want them to brag about your awful attire in front of the entire family, especially your parents. Keeping the typical issues of the typical desi families aside, here are a few brunch outfits that can be worn during the spring and summer.

Mixing up different styles and cultures!

Since everything is all about our cultural norms and values, we would start off with a Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez, incorporated into the latest western trends. Wearing an off the shoulder kameez helps you in exposing your skin in a manner that is sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Pair it up with trousers, either loose and baggy pants or cigarette pants. Whatever style you prefer best. Accessories add structure to your look that might be slouchy in some ways. Maybe like a mini clutch and block heels. Depending on the venue, you can always change the style of your shoes. Obviously if the brunch is at someone’s lawn, wear flats or block heels. After all you do not want your pencil heels to sink into the grass every time you walk! And if it is at a restaurant, you are free to choose either one!

Keep it casual!

Going to a Sunday brunch with your old friends? A girls day out? Keep your look laid back into something very casual like a pair of jeans and top. There are many options available when it comes to wearing jeans. You can wear a ruffled top with flared jeans, tucked in with a belt and mules. Or you can wear a plain white t-shirt with skinny jeans, looking comfortable and classy at the same time. Mix up different prints and have fun. For instance, carry one of those Kate Spade bee shaped bags or one of your polka dot clutches. A sandal that is sleek and ties around your ankle makes it even better, and wandering around with your girls even better.

Do not give them a reason to despise your choices!

You need to be very careful about what you wear, in case you are meeting your beloved in laws for brunch. Although your husband might have a sweet tooth and compliment you in whatever you wear, you in laws will not. Accepting the harsh realities of life, they are very picky when it comes to their daughter in laws dress design ideas. Meeting them can make you nervous at times, but some of the Pakistani dress designs can really do the job for you.

Wear something sophisticated when you are meeting them. Like a floral printed dress, which is proper and pretty. Or impress them by wearing a cigarette pant with straight cut knee length shirt, which gives a formal based cultural look. That would definitely increase your status because they would say, you are brought up being taught about the cultural norms and trends. Do not pick out the funky prints and styles, instead go with something sober and subtle. Pastel colors look amazing as well. Wear playful heels that would accentuate your outfit and the varying patterns of your dress. While carrying a simple cross body purse, or a small clutch.

Them wedding and formal brunches!

Skirts are an ideal outfit for a wedding or formal brunch, or a cocktail dress because it is always meant to be something semi formal. In case you do not know what we mean by a formal brunch- it is either a charity brunch, or a celebrity brunch etc. Basically the kind where you get to meet bug personalities. Wearing dress pants is too much, so wear cropped hem pants or flared pants with a basic top, if you want to look more business casual dressed!

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