Fashion Designer Dress: Deepak Perwani VS Nomi Ansari

The fashion world consists of a number of designers, whose work is exemplary. During the past few years, we have achieved what no one probably expected. The fashion designer dress of Pakistan portrays the woman of the country, signifying her style and fashion.

Deepak Perwani

Being on top of the glory when it comes to the fashion designer dress, and the fashion world Pakistan. The industry of fashion is shining bright like a diamond. These hardworking people, have devoted their talent to the field of fashion. They play a very important role in the success of the fashion world in Pakistan. They work with full effort and dedication. It is them who have accomplished so much in making Pakistan among the top few countries in fashion.

Among these hard working individuals, come the models without whom there would be no portrayal of the designs. And, most importantly the designers. They are the ones who make life easy, by coming up with amazing styles and outfits.

All the fashion designers who are working to promote the industry of fashion in Pakistan and around the world, Deepak Perwani is one of them. Born in the province of Sindh, belonging to the Hindu community of Pakistan. He is famous for his men’s clothing line, designer dresses in Pakistan, and dresses designs for women. These fashion design dresses include, his pret- basically semi formal collection, formal collection and bridal wear. He is also famous for being one of the very few fashion designers in the country, who promote men’s fashion and designs.

Here are a few of his spectacular designs that are worth drooling over!

Formal Wear!

These outfits can be worn at both weddings and formal events!

Pret Wear!

Going out to a semi formal event? Cannot decide what to wear? These dress designs would be perfect for every such occassion.



Deepak Perwani owns a boutique of his own, where women can go and pick out dresses of their choice. Representing confidence and power, his statement pieces are a work of intricate designs and prints. The signature collection that he has offered, proves to be among the best in the country.

He has participated in shows within the country, such as the LUX style awards, The Indus Style Awards. Along with that, his work has also been presented in the international fashion world.

Nomi Ansari

It must be admitted that the fashion designers in Pakistan and the models of the industry play a key role. When it comes to getting the fashion industry of the country to shine above the rest. Nomi Ansari, is another shining star in the industry of fashion. His work is exemplary and worth investing into. He is one of the people who has played the role of being the high achievers of the country, and in getting the fashion industry to the top.

He does not need any introduction to define who he is, because everyone definitely must know everything about this tremendous designer. He has been a part of the fashion world since forever. Studied from a Fashion School in Pakistan, he dedicated his talent to his country. Designing classical and traditional outfits for the women, his clothes are worn by everyone. Starting from famous celebrities to the women of the business world, to the house wife, everyone has witnessed wearing his designer dresses.

Here are a few of his designs that you would love!

Formal Wear!

These heavily embroidered dresses are perfect for your traditional weddings!

Pret Wear!

Incorporation of modern and eastern touches together. These dresses can be worn day and night, to every semi formal, lunch, dinner or party!

His collection includes different varieties of dresses, such as sarees, formal wear, pret wear and so on. His collection depicts an incorporation of both, the western and eastern designs, with a touch of modernism. The best example of that is his party wear. The outstanding gowns, and tops, make it worth the while. He runs by the philosophy of making designs that are standardized. He believes in equality and uniformity when we talk about the world of fashion. His clients are extremely impressed by his work, for his outfits are comfortable and classy at the same time.

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