Ladies’ Dresses Designs: Dos and Don’ts of Modern Fashion

Let’s face it, no matter how much effort we put in, and no matter how much we try, we cannot be hundred percent perfect when it comes to ladies dresses designs. No matter how long we exercise, workout. Or sit on the prayer mats begging the lord for a miracle. We are not born shaped like a super model. Some of us are even short and curvy, considering the typical physique of most Pakistani women. But that should not be a pause to our love for fashion, and designer dresses. We are all beautiful and gorgeous in our own ways, regardless of our physical appearances, despite lacking height or any other counterparts of our bodies.

That being mentioned, there are a tons of tips for women, when it comes to fashion. Depending on your body shape and maximum stature.

The main reason behind coming up with such a controversial topic was because the terrible fashion disasters are no less than a nightmare for many. It can be haunting. Worth a cringe as well. Like recently I encountered a woman wearing formal, sequined clothes at a brunch during the hot scorching weather. How awful can life be? Not worst than the choice of outfits some people have for sure!

Dos and Don’ts of Fashion

Whoever said that an outfit can either break or make a woman was right. Ladies dresses designs depict their personality and if their choice is not right, be it a designer dress, she can look like a total fashion disaster.It is not a very hard thing to be fashion forward and trendy. Just a few tricks and you will get there. Here are a few of my personal favorite fashion tips that are a must read. Taken from different stylists and fashion nazis, they are worthy of applying.

Wear Your Colored Clothes

Whenever you go to a party, you prefer wearing your black dress that you bought from one of your favorite stores. But is black the only color that makes a person look dressed up? Well, that is one of the misconceptions most ladies have. They think if they wear any other shade of clothing, they will look less trendy and not up to date. Come on! This is the twenty first century, not the sixties! Wear any color and every color no matter where you are going. If yellow makes you happy, wear yellow! Just because it is the same shade as the public taxi, do not stop yourself from wearing it. For night events you can also wear white, because that is definitely not just a color for the day.

Embrace the Classic Black and White Prints

What is black with a shade of white? Chic all over! The latest designer’s dresses on the runway sent down some monochromatic black and white prints this season. Whether it is just in the form of printed black and white pants or a shirt, they look super trendy and fashionable. Although the smaller the prints are, the more flattering they appear to the naked eye. Do not be scared to expose some skin on your legs by wearing flared cropped pants in that print or a sleeveless shirt, and effortlessly break up the print.

Heels are Amazing

It is always a good idea to wear heels. Though they were probably invented by the sadist men who had an idea of making their women look taller than them at events. Probably their eager wanted to reach up higher than the actual levels. Well, at least that is what the myths talk about.

But, the fact that women should wear heels is good. An inch or two in your heel would help you elongate your legs, makes the calves appear stretched or maybe even accentuate the muscles of the calf. Now that most of the local brands have started making classy and chic heels, you do not even have to worry about where to by them. But if you are not into spending a lot of money on your heels, you can get one or maybe two neutral colored heels. The neutral colored heels look good in either black or mauve( what most people depict as skin color). And… Always keep an aye for the sales and stock them up!

Dress According to your Physique

Okay….. We all say that everyone has a life of their own and they should do whatever makes them happy. But sometimes that statement can be contradicted. After all, one cannot always be right. Right? If you have a curvy and fat physique, avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy! Do not opt for the flared pants and bell sleeves. That would just make you look fatter than usual. Avoid wearing skin tight clothes as well. You obviously do not want your clothes to look like they would rip any minute.

Being skinny does not mean that you can wear whatever you want either. Well there are some perks but not always! Avoid wearing fitted clothes if you are close to being anorexic. That would just make you look ill. Leave a little space between yourself and your clothes. Considering the ladies dresses designs, there is a design for every physique, height and weight. You should have no trouble finding the perfect outfit.

Do Not Contrast Similar Colors

So for instance, if you are wearing a Pakistani dress design in blue, you do not have to wear the same colored shoes and accessories. Wear some contrasting color like beige or shocking pink. White does not simply mean everything white and the same goes for black and every other shade. If you have a red outfit and slightly orange red shoes, do yourself a favor by not wearing the two together. A slight difference between the same shade looks the worst!


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