Ladies Dresses Stitching Designs: How To Design Your Favorite Lawn Outfits?

Stitching lawn outfits according to the latest trends is the immediate visual, haute couture of the famous designers. The artisans focus on different styles featuring drapes, beads, lace, elaborated fabrics and crystals. However stitching your own lawn outfits can be a bit intimidating. Lawn dresses stitching designs go back to a several years, and it was the trend making your own outfits back in the nineties.

Later, the evolution of tailors entered. But sincerely speaking, most women are definitely sick of the tremendous errands they have to run just because their tailors do not stitch things on time. Or mess up what has been asked for. Surely every lady out there can relate to this. Then, why not just stitch your own clothes? Go back to the era of our grand moms and moms. By learning some basic techniques and basics, you can take an idea from the sketches and patterns to construct them yourself. Just a few simple guidelines and practice can enable you to stitch your own lawn dresses in no time.

Lawn Dress Design

Shalwar Kameez dates back to the era of the Romans. A kameez that is stitched with the perfect measurements and cuts can look very flattering. it can be either worn with matching pants and a dupatta, basically a three piece lawn suit. or it can be worn with jeans and leggings, just how the girls like to do it these days.

There are several trendy designs, be it just a simple lawn suit design to wear to work or incorporating embellishments to make it an ethereal evening lawn clothing.

However if you have made up your mind and want to stitch your own lawn shalwar kameez. Probably because you hate your tailors or just want to save money, or maybe just try out something new for yourself. Follow some simple steps and you would get there. It might seem difficult and cringe worthy at first if you are doing it for the first time. But do not fret. You can always stop and take a break. Try again later, your clothes are not going to run away.

Step 1- Initial Concept

First thing is first. You need to build up a sketch of how you want your outfit to be. Although you can go through several magazines, runway shows and get an idea, the main key to getting the perfect lawn dresses stitching designs is the fabric, selection of trims, the silhouettes and the construction. Visit one of your favorite malls and see how the clothes at the stores have been stitched. Taking notes of the construction and draping of the clothes is a wise thing to do, and very helpful as well. For instance, a lawn shirt with a boat neck and pleats can be a perfect evening outfit. Or a bodice draped around and a hem shirt at the bottom half to give it a westernized look, paired with bell bottom pants. try a luxury lawn collection which has different seams, finishes and trims for the application.

Step 2- Fabric Selection

Fabric selection is one of the most important steps when it comes to making a lawn shalwar kameez. Well, the benefit of yearly lawn collections prevents you from running to different vendors to get cloth. But, if you are sick of the same old cliche prints and want to do something for yourself, you might have to go to different stores looking for cloth. Your choice mainly depends on the type of design you are looking for. Hold the fabric up top and look at yourself in the mirror.

Ask yourself, will this design and print look on me? Do I have the physique for this lawn print and design? Look at the natural drape and material of the fabric. Depending on the occasion it is for. get a mixture of silk and net laces to finish the borders and sleeves. Thread worked neck and sleeve designs can also be added to the clothes to give it a more evening wear attire. You can also buy chiffon and silk for the sleeves, it looks great.

And if you are a “go to the store and buy the lawn collection kind of person”, everything already comes with the suit. be it the lace, the sleeves or the embroidery.

Step 3- Measurements

Measure yourself properly. Make sure you measure everything. After all, nobody likes an ill fitted outfit. measure the length of your pants by placing your measuring tape on your waist, or belly and take it all the way to your ankles. That is your full length which can be adjusted sorter or longer according to the changing trends. The measurement of the hips and thighs should be measured with the length of your pants.

Next measure your inseam, chest, and shoulders. Followed by the measurement of the sleeves and neck. Last but not the least measure the length of your kameez accordingly. Short above the knees, medium till the knees and long till the mid calf.

Step 4- Stitching

Once the pattern has been designed, continue with the stitching. Draft the initial pattern that you made and make a sloper before you proceed with cutting the fabric. A sloper is a sample fabric such as a muslin. It is inexpensive and offers you the opportunity to drape your clothing accordingly. Adjust it and change it without causing any damage to the fabric.

Viola! After just following some simple steps, you can stitch clothes. Following is a video which teaches you how to actually stitch, since most of us probably do not know how to.



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