Mehndi Dresses by Pakistani Designers

Mehendis and Mayoons are considered the most exciting events when it comes to Pakistani wedding ceremonies. It involves a lot of interesting acts, starting from applying mehendi, to singing songs and dancing all night long. While the bride sits patiently watching and being a part of everything prepared by her friends and family.

You are all prepared to get into the new phase of your life, be it arranged or what you wanted. Every bride is always eager and excited when it comes to her wedding. Surely making her go through every possible detail, striving hard to make everything be perfect. But, the unfortunate part here is that most girls end up getting the last seat because of their outfit. It just does not look right, making the entire event a disaster. After all, the portraits in those outfits last forever, and nobody wants to cringe over their ugly pictures in future.

There are different kind of ceremonies, big and small. Either inside the house or at a banquet. No matter where it takes place, it is very special for every single bride to be. Capturing all the auspicious moments into everlasting photographs. Being the center of everyone’s attention, you would want to definitely look your very best.

Pakistani Dress Designs

Though several changes have been made and new trend are adapted over the centuries, the ceremony itself is the same. The traditions and cultures still remain how they were several years back. Different designs and prints have been incorporated. But the idea of the patterns and styles still remains the same. Even today you would come across a mehendi bride wearing ethnic mehendi dresses by Pakistani designers. The same old ghararas, and lehangas with a twist of the modern world trends, giving the bride a cultural yet classy look.

The ceremony involves more than just one day, and the thing that matters the most is the bride’s comfort. The kind of outfit she is getting made, because nobody wants to ruin their very expensive mehendi outfit with mehendi smudges. Here are a few trendy mehendi dresses by Pakistani dress designers that a bride can opt for, for her special occasion.

Choose to wear bright and bold colors!

All ceremonies in Pakistan are fun, and happening. Also very colorful. So being the bride, it is necessary for you to wear something that is similar to the ambiance of the event. That is bright and colorful. Wear shades of dark green, yellow, and anything that is bold in different styles. There are plenty of colors to select from, so do not just stick yourself to the tacky old, traditional shades, or even a single color to be precise. You can go for different combinations as well, or maybe some pastel colors. You can come up with something very attractive by mixing up two different pastel colors. For instance lilac and pink. Just follow one tip and you would look the best. That it is your event and everything that you want to do matters, so do whatever you think would look best on you.

It is the most important day of your life, you are getting married! It does not happen every year like your birthday! And wanting it to be grand is nothing harmful. The new phase of your life should be celebrated in the best way possible. Although orange and yellow with shades of green are the traditional colors, they can always be mixed and matched with contrasting shades. These shades would definitely make you look unique in the pictures.

Some people are not a big fan of dark and bright shades, so they can always choose lighter shades like baby pink, mauve, light yellow etc. Just make sure of the fact that whatever colors you choose, compliment each other. In fact, combinations can enhance the entire outfit’s appearance, uplifting your attire.

Choose carefully!

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First thing comes first while choosing your outfit, which is the level of your comfort. Obviously keeping the latest trends and style factors in mind. Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez are preferred the most. Being the perfect alternative to ghararas and lehangas, which are more towards the traditional side. Playing with embroidery should be your motto, nothing is ever too much when you are the bride. But, if you want to avoid getting your clothes stained, go simple with embroidery just on the hem line.

Moreover, if you plan on going all modern, wear a skirt with blouse. You can pair it up with an embroidered jacket or keep it simple without any. You will surely steal the limelight in such an outfit.


Never compromise on the accessories. Whether the event is big or small, wear some jewelry. Be it just earrings. But make sure it syncs with what you wear. You can go bold with gold, but save the diamonds for your main event. Otherwise you can always wear floral jewels if you choose to look subtle yet dressy. They look tremendously gorgeous.

No-Makeup Look!

Do not plan on going bear faced either. That looks awful. Make sure you wear some makeup, be it just mascara and blush with a light shade of lip stick. Or if you love to look natural, go with the ever popular no makeup look!


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