Pakistani Dress Design: Shalwar Kameez in Style

Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez is one of the most loved outfit. its classy appearance, appealing silhouettes are what makes it among the top. In fact some people find it so drool worthy that they find reasons to dress in their cultural shalwar kameez at events, to kick the styles. The impression depicted by these outfits is extremely great and worth the hype.

Not so many people are aware of the history of shalwar kameez, but those who are know that it has been in style since centuries. It is not the modern day attire that just gained popularity, instead it has a history to ponder over. Making designers using it as an inspiration to create timeless pieces that have the roots of Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez. However, to some extent, it is not just historical, it is rich as well. However, not many are sure where the tradition of shalwar kameez began from, some say that it was brought up during the Mughal empire, by the people of that time. Basically something that the rulers of that time admired.

Although the Mughal reign was suspicious in the Indian subcontinent, it is no shock that the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan wear it even today. Since these countries were also made by the migrants of those regions, adapting to new trends and keeping the old trends of the left countries alive. People of Pakistan, choice fully wear Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez, and it is also the traditional, cultural dress of the country with minor changes made according to each province.

The fact that makes Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez great is that it depicts prominence. It gives individuals to dress simple and look classy at the same time. The attire is such that it gives you a look that is ethnic, and cultural. We are sure that these modern styles of shalwar kameez designs for women would improve the charm and look of the clothing, making it a reason to expand your looks.

Black and White

Black and White are the two shades that literally never go out of style. Worn by most women during the day events and night events both. The color black signifies boldness, and depicts a strong personality, whereas the shades of white are subtle and give you a traditional, classy look. Just like this black and white Kurta by UY collection, which can be worn both casually and semi formally. The intricate embroidery, gives it a drool worthy, ethereal look.

When it comes to pairing this statement piece, a plain black trouser, and dupatta can give it an everlasting beauty. Some women do not like all black, but giving this an all black shot would be worth it, for the white pants would not give it that exciting of a look than the black.

This black and white, co-ord by Sana Safinaz can be your to go outfit for those evening teas, and dinner parties. The matching prints give the typical Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez a modern look. The flared pants and short tunic, makes in ideal for the girls of this modern era, who want to try out new things every day. The material, which is somewhat satin, or silk, makes it perfect for those cocktail parties as well. Well, you can always wear your regular cocktail dresses, but you can also try out something new by dressing up traditional, incorporating a touch of modernism, westernization or whatever you want to call it, to your attire.


Have you ever tried wearing a denim shalwar kameez? Yes, you heard that right! Seriously! We are not talking about the denim dress shirts and jeans, we are talking about a Pakistani dress design shalwar kameez in denim. Just like this Khaadi denim collection, you too can incorporate this look in your daily attire. Be it a casual hangout with your girls, a work lunch, or a formal event. Denim looks good anywhere and everywhere. Regardless of the season and trend. These denim kurtas can either be paired with your favorite denim jeans, in the similar shade not so much, trying going with a contrasting shade. Because two similar shades of denim, do not look so appealing every time. Or you can give it a more eastern look by pairing these kind of shirts with shalwars, and cotton pants. But whatever style you choose, it is a must have in your closet!

The Usual!

Here are a few Pakistani dress designs that are the same old with a little twist! By same old we mean shalwar kameez suits, but stitched in ways that would not let you take your eyes off of them!

This yellow pastel shade can be your perfect outfit for the summer. The intricate embroidery and the gracefulness of this outfit makes it look traditional and classy at the same time.

This is not just your regular kameez, shalwar and dupatta! In fact it is a cape with flared pants and inner that has been stitched using the same cloth you do for your suits. Well, this is how the game of imagination works in fashion. These bold silhouettes and colors make this outfit stand out among the rest!

Here is just another one of those fabulous, “can’t keep my eyes off” suits to take some inspiration from. The simplicity and cuts of this outfit is what makes it so appealing! The perfect daily wear during the summer!

Chicken Kaari!

Don’t forget to get one of these amazing chicken kaari suits as well. They are perfect for those days when you have to dress in something subtle, and classy! Pair it with pants you like, either shalwars, gharars, or flared. This is one design that literally looks good with all of them!

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