Pakistani Formal Dresses 2018

Getting married is a once in a life time experience for many. Experiencing the entire event, having a room filled with your loved ones, vowing to always stay together, and promising a life time full of love with your significant other. The bond of marriage is sacred, especially when you belong to a Pakistani family, where getting wedding invitations is a monthly thing. For that very reason, you spend a thousand on rupees on wedding dress designs, because everybody wants to be the show stopper of the party!

Pakistani Dress Designs

Starting from the grand functions of Mehendi, to the day of the “Rukhsati”- day of saying goodbye, followed by a formal reception. Every Pakistani wedding consists of at least three events if not any more. Depending on everyone’s likes and dislikes, weddings go on for up to a month as well. Moreover, the most important concern for the girl to be wedded is her bridal outfit dress design. As the days approach closer, the anxiety level increases, and the struggle to get the perfect outfit establishes. The bride gets the best of bridal dresses that she can afford by hook or by crook.

Whether it is a deep red, traditional “Lehanga” or a subtle western inspired gown, a bridal dress depicts your personality. So, always choose wisely. Luckily the Pakistani dress designers work hard enough to come up with designer dresses according to everyone’s personal needs and requirements. The face of designer dresses when it comes to bridal fashion has changed drastically over the past few years. Exceeding expectations, bridal dresses are not just the traditional and cultural designs, instead there is an incorporation of both western and eastern cuts and prints. Basically, you can get whatever suits your personality.

Designer’s Dresses

So if you lived your entire life dreaming of that fairy tale wedding, wearing a turquoise Cinderella gown, your dreams would come true. Thanks to the bridal dress evolution.

It can be immense pleasure and fun when it comes to shopping for your big day. As long as you know what you want. Otherwise it becomes a huge hassle. But, knowing where to go, and the huge variety of outfits that are available can decrease some of your dilemma and confusion. Making things easier for those who are unaware and going through this for the first time ever in their family, here is a list of few typical dress designs. They can be found anywhere and everywhere around the country. Be it a designer store or a local market, you will come across these ravishing designs for sure.

Lehanga Choli

Seeking inspiration from the sub continents of India, the lehanga choli has become very common during the past few years. A short tunic blouse, with intricate embellishments paired with a flared lehanga makes a woman look beautiful and bold. Most designers have introduced breath taking designs when it comes to lehanga choli, depicting an ethereal and magical appearance.

Peplum Top with Sharara/Gharara

Inspired from the western attire, a peplum top paired with a sharara or gharara is the inn dress design these days. Well, we all know how traditional it was to wear a gharara and sharara back in the day. Seeing our mothers and grandmothers rock the fancy designs of shararas and ghararas at weddings. These designs have been re created by the designers, reviving the old times, incorporating them with the modern world of today. These designs enhance your persona, being crafted the way you desire. They look ethereal, giving a traditional yet modern look to the brides of today.


We all remember the tribe of Akbar, where Anarkali wore an angharka with lavishing prints and colors everyday. Well, just how they say it, the style never dies. Probably one of the reasons why they are still worn today by many even after so many decades have passed. For its traditional ethnicity, and cultural depiction. Not only the brides but women prefer wearing an angharka to formal events. Several designers have given a twist to these traditional cuts and designs. Pairing them with flared or cigarette pants instead of just the regular churidaar pajama, which makes the bride look spectacular beyond words.


Every bride you see at a wedding wears a peplum these days. Well, its because it looks gorgeous mo matter what the design is. you can definitely try this out and opt for it depending on your physique and look. Because to be honest, peplum tops look good on people who are skinny. So if you are obese, avoid wearing it on your big day. Pair it up with a gharara or lehanga of the similar or different material. Do not worry about wearing it only once, because this bridal fashion is here to stay for long. You can always switch the heavy gharara with plain pants to utilize your outfit else where formally.

Gowns/ Maxi

Surely every girl who is getting married grew up watching fairy tales. Planned on wearing the same kind of gown as her favorite princess. And if you still want to stick to what you decided to wear when you were ten, then wear a maxi or gown. Mixing the two eastern and western cultures, a gown gives the bride a classic look. You will come across at least a hundred different types of designs while shopping for a gown, go with the one that suits you the best. Taking inspiration from the western designers, you can wear a silk gown incorporated with net and floral designs. Whereas an eastern, cultural and trendy gown can be created with any material full of intricate thread work and embroidery, followed by a trail if you wish. A simple or a gown with a trail is completely your choice.

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