Timeless Dresses Designs That Never Go Out Of Fashion

The ever changing trends of fashion every season, makes it very tricky and clearly impossible to stay up to date. You cannot keep your wardrobe trendy without throwing away all the old and worn out clothing. In this crucial world of style, it is close to impossible when it comes to investing in the best dresses designs. In such a dilemma, the smartest way to look trendy all year round is to buy dresses and clothing that are timeless.

Any idea what it should be? Well owning the correct dresses designs is not just about looking chic, it also saves you a bunch of bucks. Moreover, makes you look flawless on a budget. Spending your money on a few good quality, timeless pieces that never run out of fashion is a win win situation for all.

Although there is an exception to that. Just do not toss your old clothes out in the trash, unless they are ripped and worn out of course. Because duh, a black skinny jeans will not make you as happy as your black caftan that would remind you of your vacation in the Bahamas. Despite the fact that it should not, it has the same worth as your black skinny jeans, which is a staple that can be worn forever. It remains constant even when the fashion trends change drastically.

Just like your best friend, these timeless staples see you through your good and bad days.

Pakistani Dress Designs that Never go out of Style

Obviously if you have ever invested in designer dresses, you would know what it is like to throw them out. It hurts your gut and you just want to keep wearing it. But, sometimes the style is not up to date and makes you look like a fashion disaster. To top it up, you can easily mix and match. Simply accessorize your evergreen and timeless dresses, and create a unique style of your own.


Essentially every woman needs to own a well tailored, white shirt. Depending on the weather and occasion, you can own a bunch. For instance a silk kurta for the parties and a cotton chicken kaari kurta for the day events. It can be either long or short, however you like it. Now, the trick of making it last for years is to pair it with a different pant every time. Pair it with a shalwar, or gharara pants to make it look ethnic, otherwise pair it with cigarette or bell bottom pants to make it look classy. be it casual or formal, you can flaunt it all the way, depending on how you choose to wear it.

Forever Black

Black is not just a color for the goth, it is for everyone who wants to look chic. One can never be over or under dressed in a black outfit, but do not wear all black. That is just a fashion disaster. Although black makes a statement, giving every outfit the perfection to flaunt it. It stays trendy all year round, and is always in fashion despite the season and weather. In short, black never fails to impress. Wear a black shirt with shalwar and add a pop of color using your dupatta or stole. Or if you want to give it a western look, wear a black shirt with flared pants and accessorize it with colored heels and bag.

Having a class of its own, this color makes women look slimmer than their actual body weight. The versatility of this color can enable you to wear it anywhere and everywhere. be it as a party outfit or a formal dress, with just a little bit of accessories.


A saree has always been and will always be one of the statement dresses designs of all time. Taking inspiration from our grand moms and moms, even young girls wear sarees these days. You have probably spotted your favorite celebrity draped around a gorgeous silk saree as well. The elegance and chicness it depicts makes it worth the investment. Sarees never run out of fashion. You can buy a pair of elegant silk saree and wrap it around differently every time and look trendy.

Although the saree itself has not revolutionized a lot, the blouse designs have changed various number of times. Over the years it has been worn like a cape style, to a choli (cropped) blouse and anywhere else you imagination can take you. Just like how these days, women wrap a saree around their pants as well, instead of a petticoat, giving it a modern yet ethnic look.

Shalwar Kameez

Whether it is the twentieth century or the twenty first, a typical shalwar kameez never goes out of style. Be it a formal one or a casual one for the summers, everyone loves going all traditional in a shalwar and a kameez once in a while. Depending on the occasion, it can be paired with traditional jewelry and khussas. Wear it with or without a dupatta, depending on the trend.

Designer Dresses

We all have invested in an expensive designer dress if not multiple times then once for sure. The amount of money spent on it prevents most of us from giving it away or throwing it out. We just want to keep it forever, despite the changing fashion trends. Well, one can never go wrong with a designer outfit, no matter what the style. Keep it handy for those formal weddings and parties, because trust me… They will all love it and you will be the show stopper of the event.

Here are a few designer dresses that never go out of style!

Dresses Designs

The catch of wearing dresses that remain trendy throughout is to keep mixing up the styles. Make sure that all the designs that have been mentioned are a part of your wardrobe, so you look trendy and chic always!




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