Top Designer Dresses for Weddings in Pakistan

Dress designs in Pakistan have made a huge contribution to the fashion industry. The contributions made in the past years, are remarkable, like never before. If you are looking for a fashion trendy outfit for your wedding, whether you are the bride or just an attendee, Pakistani designers should be your number one choice. Depending on the occasions, there are a variety of designs to choose from, according to every woman’s personal needs. The era where ladies sat at home and stitched their own clothes, or went to the stores to buy cloth which their ever lazy tailors never stitched in the given time. You can easily just pick up your wallet and get an appointment with your favorite designer, and they would make it all for you.

Obviously, every bride is on top of the world when she is getting married. She wants the best of everything even if she has to cross all budgets for that. Well, at least there is no more of that fretting, because access to breathtaking, spectacular clothes is just a drive away.

Designer Outfits 2018

The designers of Pakistan work relentlessly, day and night to come up with the perfect outfit that every girl can wear on her special day. Most of us have this perspective that the not everyone can afford those once in a lifetime designer wedding outfits. Well, that is not the case anymore. Some designers are definitely worth a lot of investment, whereas some are very budget friendly as well. In case you cannot afford either, do not get disheartened because you can always get your favorite designer clothes copied. But beware… Don’t let the creators find out!

Here are a few top designer wedding and formal outfits to take inspiration from!

Sania Maskatya

Saniya Maskatya, who is comparatively new when it comes to the industry of fashion, makes dresses that are worth crossing your budget for. Keeping the jokes aside, she has done a tremendous job with the bridal attires. The intricate hand work and color combinations are definitely worth the investment. Focusing more on the Swarovski crystals, and beads along with other elements, her collection is unique and one of a kind.

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa has made a mark in the fashion industry with his collection since several years. The dresses usually comprise of heavy, intricate embroidery, with a pop of different colors. After all, everyone deserves to wear the best on their special day. The designs of the outfits are produced according to the evolution of time. From sarees, to lehangas, to peplum tops, he makes whatever suits the season.

There is no doubt when it comes to the fact that his bridal collection is one of the top. Winning every woman’s heart, the collection is fine and drool worthy.

Zainab Chottani

Making a bridal collection that is unique and one of a kind, Zainab Chottani makes outfits that are glamorous. Aiming towards producing the best, her outfits definitely make you the show stopper of the wedding. The vast shades of color and designs make the bride look tremendously beautiful.

The colors of her outfits are unique. Being bold, she plays with pastel colors like baby pink, and subtle shades like ash grey. Embellished with Swarovski crystals, beads, dabka and naski work on the sleeves, and body of the dress makes it look ethereal.

It is one of the most popular designer brands of the country, and the choice for most celebrities.

Tena Durrani

If you are looking for a customized bridal outfit, the kind you would want and not only what the designer would make for you, Tena Durrani is the perfect choice for you. Tena has a category of designs, some are very budget friendly as well. Her wedding collection is considered to be very fine, which can definitely be seen in the pictures below.

Many follow her brand in Pakistan. Not just the celebrities but the general population as well. Her clothes have a touch that makes the bride look graceful and unique in her own way.


Although this brand is a little heavy on the pockets, it is the top brand of the country. Drooled over by many, it offers a range of wedding and formal outfits for women. These outfits comprise of wedding, bridal dresses, party dresses and pret collection. The fancy and intricate designs makes it the perfect choice for many brides.

Fahad Hussayn

The dresses designs made by Fahad Hussayn are worth the investment for all the brides out there. Keeping in mind the cultural norms, you can easily find a traditional bridal outfit at his boutique.

Maria B

Maria B also comes under the category of budget friendly designer outfits. It is the perfect stop for all those ladies who believe in spending appropriately instead of going crazy over their wedding dress. Maria B is also famous for her evening dresses and pret collection. Looking at her collection, one can easily make out that she loves playing with colors and comes up with designs that are funky and unique. Maybe a caftan top or a plain shirt with block printed trousers. the sarees from her yearly formal collection is what most women look forward to. Well, at least I know I do for sure!

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the brand of the century when it comes to dresses designs in Pakistan. Loved by every woman out there, for their unique, colorful and funky designs. They have a bridal collection, a luxury pret collection and a pret collection, whatever everyone requires. Obviously if you are the bride then you would get something heavy and excessively formal but they have a range of clothing which can be easily worn as a formal evening wear as well. The luxury pret collection is basically what everyone looks forward to, for the unique and intricate deigns. Their yearly collections are budget friendly as well. If you want to be the Sana Safinaz “It Girl”, get your formal outfits made from them.

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